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Greek Social Issues 1-2013: “The use of the bicycle in Greece, 2012”

Friday, 11 Jan 2013


Greek Social Issues 1-2013

In 2012, 3.1% of the Greeks stated that they use the bicycle for their daily transportation, to and from work or school, for shopping or entertainment. Cyclists are mostly men (4%), especially unmarried and in general, young people of 18 and 24 years old (7%), but significant percentage of use is also observed in the middle age groups, e.g. in the category of 45-54 years old (5%).
The use of the bicycle is probably “interclass”. Cycling is popular among the unemployed (5%), but also equally among the employers and self-employed (5%). The people who mainly commute by bike belong to the lower social strata or can hardly make it (4%), but also to those who can make it with their disposable income (4%), or have higher educational level (4%).
The use of the bicycle refers mainly to the cities. The bike is used equally by residents of urban and semi-urban areas of the country.
The geographical regions that mainly stand out are Thessaly and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, in the flat cities of those the tradition of cycling continues to survive and be revived.

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