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Products & Services

Politics. Report on public opinion in Greece

Confidential subscription service. Provided on a monthly basis since 2004.

Greek Index of Confidence in Institutions (GICI)

The Greek Index of Confidence in Institutions (GICI) is an important scientific tool for the comparative assessment over time of social confidence in the country’s major institutions. The GICI has been compiled since 2007.


Subscriber survey on television and viewing trends. Daily tracking. Conducted since 2009.

Media Typology

Annual subscriber survey on public attitudes toward the news media. Conducted since 2009. Based on Pew Research Center methodology.

National Survey on Corruption in Greece

Annual survey in six waves. Conducted on behalf of the NGO ‘Transparency International – Greece’ since 2007.

Eco Trends

Public Issue’s survey on the environment and climate change. Conducted since 2007.

Economic Barometer – Consumer Climate Index (CCI)

Monthly survey on the economic climate and consumer confidence. Based on University of Michigan methodology. Conducted since 2007.

Public Pulse

Public Issue’s web panel.
Public Pulse promotes the active, online participation of citizens in political, economic and social surveys.
Participants have the opportunity to express their opinion on a wide range of topical issues.