Greek Social Issues 9-2013: “Greek citizens with relatives abroad, 2013”


The re-emergence of a new wave of Greek migration, on account of the ongoing severe economic crisis plaguing Greek society, has propelled the issue of its ‘dualism’ back into the limelight. A recent survey by Public Issue provides the relevant empirical evidence.

The high rate of internationalization entailed by the size of the Greek diaspora (i.e. the presence of over 5 million persons of Greek origin in other countries)(1) is confirmed by the fact that nearly 1 in 2 or more than 4 in 10 Greeks (44%) have close relatives currently living abroad.

The main countries in which the emigrant relatives of Greek citizens presently reside are, in order: Germany (38%), USA (29%), Australia (22%), Canada (12%) and the United Kingdom (11%).

Based on the geographical region of their residence, Greek citizens with relatives abroad are concentrated more in the islands of the Southern Aegean (61%), in Western Macedonia (55%), Eastern Macedonia-Thrace (51%) and Western Greece (50%).

(1) Data from the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad, available at:

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