Research program AORI – Athens Observatory for Refugees and Immigrants

The “Athens Observatory for Refugees and Immigrants” (AORI) is a comprehensive research program which combines both census type field surveys and public opinion polls. Its aim is to help the Municipality have a better understanding of the refugee/immigration phenomenon, through a specific analysis of the characteristics of the population, who stay in the hosting facilities of the Athens municipality. In addition, it aims to reflect the residents’ attitudes towards the refugee/ immigrant population and their evolution over time.

The AORI surveys constitute a systematic evidence base, providing reliable information on the current situation of the refugees/immigrants within the geographical boundaries of the Municipality, as well as the existing possibilities for their inclusion and integration.

Within the AORI, the following surveys were carried out:

  • Surveys A: Quantitative surveys conducted by telephone interviews with residents of the City of Athens, in 3 waves
  • Survey B: Census of the Refugee/Immigrant Population, which conducted at the accommodation site at Eleonas
  • Survey C: Census of the Refugee/Immigrant Population, which conducted at the temporary accommodation apartments in Athens

Surveys A were conducted on samples of 1000 residents of the seven (7) city districts of Athens, (18+), on October, November and December 2016.

Public opinion surveys A includes the following axes:

  • Visibility of the Other
  • Visibility of refugees
  • Attitudes towards coexistence with refugees
  • Social attitudes towards integration of refugees
  • Volunteer practices

Survey B was conducted on November-December 2016 at the accommodation site at Eleonas with face-to-face interviews. The census covered all the 534 heads of the refugee households/families and 1.600 people in total. As family are also meant the incomplete forms that have arisen as a result of the family losses caused by the war, or the divisions of families caused by unintentional movements.

Survey C was conducted on November2016-January 2017 at the temporary accommodation apartments in Athens with face-to-face interviews. The census covered all the 190 heads of the refugee households/families and 901 people in total. 

Census surveys B & C include the following axes :

  1. Social and demographic profile of the refugee/immigrant population staying at Eleonas / apartments (nationality, gender, age, marital status, previous social status etc.)
  2. Experiences from the journey to Greece (decision to leave the home country, choice of destination country, passage/transit countries)
  3. Forms of help and assistance received in Athens (from the citizens, church, NGOs)
  4. Living conditions and everyday life in Athens (housing conditions in Eleonas / the apartments, social life, circulation in the city)
  5. Current economic situation of the household (expenditures, employment status of family members)
  6. Refugees’ education level and skills (work experience, language and IT skills)
  7. The refugees’ future plans and intentions

Main findings of the surveys:

Surveys A:

Survey B:

Survey C:

*The project was exclusively donated by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation