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European Elections 2014

Voting intentions, 1-8/4/2014

Saturday, 12 Apr 2014

Attitudes on Crimea’s issue

Saturday, 12 Apr 2014

National Survey on Corruption in Greece - 2013

Thursday, 03 Apr 2014

Economic Barometer - Consumer Climate Index (CCI) - March 2014

Consumer confidence improves further in March

Thursday, 27 Mar 2014

Consumer sentiment in March climbed to its highest levels of the past 3½ years. Following a new marginal improvement, the relevant index appears to be stabilizing at nearly 65 points, for the first time since the signing of the Memorandum (5/2010).

Economic Barometer - Consumer Climate Index (CCI) - February 2014

Consumer confidence in February remains at highest levels since summer 2010

Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014

Consumer sentiment remains for the second straight month at its highest levels since the summer of 2010. Significantly more positive expectations regarding personal financial situation and a fall in unemployment are the main reasons for the improved consumer climate since the beginning of the year.

Economic Barometer - Consumer Climate Index (CCI) - January 2014

Consumer confidence registers further improvement at beginning of the year

Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014

Consumer sentiment stands at its highest levels since the summer of 2010, after rising significantly for the second straight month. However, the improvement recorded in January may be due, at least in part, to the seasonal variation of the relevant index.

Greek Social Issues 9-2013: “Greek citizens with relatives abroad, 2013″

Social dimensions of the phenomenon today

Monday, 23 Dec 2013

The re-emergence of a new wave of Greek migration, on account of the ongoing severe economic crisis plaguing Greek society, has propelled the issue of its ‘dualism’ back into the limelight. A recent survey by Public Issue provides the relevant empirical evidence.

Economic Barometer - Consumer Climate Index (CCI) - December 2013

Consumer confidence improves slightly in December

Tuesday, 17 Dec 2013

Consumer confidence has returned to the levels of early 2013, rising slightly relative to the previous month. In general, the relevant index has shown little movement during the current year. The reverting of optimism about the future of the economy to the levels of last October is the most important development, relative to November. Also noteworthy is the improvement in expectations regarding the course of inflation.

Economic Barometer - Consumer Climate Index (CCI) - November 2013

Marginal deterioration in consumer confidence in November

Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013

Consumer confidence shows a marginal decline relative to October. The slight deterioration seen this month is due to a sharp downturn in citizens’ optimism about the future of the Greek economy. Generally speaking, the movement of the relevant index since the beginning of the current year leads to the conclusion that the recovery observed in January 2013 lacks sufficient momentum to further improve consumer sentiment.

Indices reveal financial suffocation of households

The public’s expectations regarding income, saving and property prices

Monday, 25 Nov 2013

The redistribution of income which has taken place over the past four years, in combination with the rapid increase in taxation during the same period, are vividly reflected in four indices that are used to measure the economic climate

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